Volume 360

15 April 2020

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    1. Editorial Board

      Article 110595
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  1. Engineering Mechanics

    1. Framework for dynamic analysis of radioactive material transport packages under accident drop conditions

      Article 110480
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    2. Fracture studies on reactor pressure vessel subjected to pressurised thermal shock: A review

      Article 110471
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    3. Damage performance based seismic capacity and fragility analysis of existing concrete containment structure subjected to near fault ground motions

      Article 110478
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  2. Material Properties

    1. Leaching behavior of prototypical corium samples: A step to understand the interactions between the fuel debris and water at the Fukushima Daiichi reactors

      Article 110522
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  3. Reactor Engineering

    1. A review of HTGR graphite dust transport research

      Article 110477
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    2. Application of BEPU method to loss of RHR event during mid-loop operation: Uncertainty quantification of RELAP5 model

      Article 110475
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    3. Plant-level dynamic modeling of a commercial-scale molten salt reactor system

      Article 110457
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    4. Optimal design of a Small Modular Reactor core with dual cooled annular fuel based on the neutronics and natural circulation parameters

      Article 110518
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    5. Assessment of neutron kerma coefficients and its calculation methodologies using recent basic ENDF-6 libraries

      Article 110519
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    6. Criticality and depletion analysis of reprocessed fuel spiked with thorium in a PWR core

      Article 110514
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  4. Fuel Engineering

    1. Effect of fuel nuclide composition on the fuel lifetime of reactor KLT-40S

      Article 110524
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  5. Core Physics

    1. Fuel options for nuclear ship reactors featuring reactivity swing below one dollar

      Article 110494
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    2. Neutron point kinetics model with precursors’ shape function update for molten salt reactor

      Article 110466
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    3. Reactor physics evaluation of the TRIGA LEU fuel in the 20 MW NIST research reactor

      Article 110469
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  6. Thermal Hydraulics

    1. Study on melt stratification and migration in debris bed using the moving particle semi-implicit method

      Article 110459
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    2. Penetration flow into a branch pipe causing thermal fatigue at a mixing tee

      Article 110496
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    3. Thermal-hydraulic design methodology and trade-off studies for a dual-salt breed-and-burn molten salt reactor

      Article 110481
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    4. Computational and experimental analysis of gas/liquid two-phase flow in rod bundles with mixing-vane spacer grids

      Article 110499
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    5. Kinetic energy evaluation for the steam explosion in a shallow pool with a spreading melt layer at the bottom

      Article 110521
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    6. Numerical investigation on vibration-induced two-phase distribution in a vertical annular channel

      Article 110523
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    7. Development of correlation for natural convection heat transfer for large horizontal calandria vessel for in-calandria retention of corium in PHWRs

      Article 110517
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    8. CFD studies of hydrogen mitigation by recombiner using correlations of reaction rates obtained from detailed mechanism

      Article 110528
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  7. Safety and Risk Analysis

    1. Discussion on the accident behavior and accident management of the HTGR

      Article 110497
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  8. Instrumentation and Control

    1. RBF-based adaptive sliding mode controller with extended state observer for load following of nuclear power plant

      Article 110465
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    2. An IMC-PID controller with Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm for MSBR core power control

      Article 110513
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  9. Experiments

    1. Experimental study on the circulating-cavity flow and an innovative central baffle design in a steam generator

      Article 110495
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  10. New Reactor Concepts

    1. Development of strength evaluation method of ceramic reactor for iodine-sulfur process and hydrogen production test in Japan Atomic Energy Agency

      Article 110498
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  11. Special Section on: The Best of HTR 2018: International Topical Meeting on High Temperature Reactor Technology; Edited by: Prof. Hassan Yassin, Dr. Michael A. Fütterer, and Prof. Grzegorz WROCHNA

    1. Research and development for safety and licensing of HTGR cogeneration system

      Article 110493
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    2. Effects of purification on the properties and microstructures of natural flake and artificial graphite powders

      Article 110527
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    3. Time-dependent neutron diffusion analysis using finite element method for a block-type VHTR core design

      Article 110512
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  12. Special Secion on "IS-ReCTHA-2018", Edited by: Dr. Hisashi Ninokata, Prof. Bao-Wen Yang, Dr. Baglietto, Dr. Elia Merzari

    1. Low resolution modelling of mixing phenomena in PWR fuel assemblies

      Article 110504
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ISSN: 0029-5493