Volume 94

March 2020

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    1. Editorial Board

      Article 103314
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  1. Regular Papers

    1. A randomized controlled 10 years follow up of a glass ionomer restorative material in class I and class II cavities

      Article 103175
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    2. Development of ‘My Retainers’ mobile application: Triangulation of two qualitative methods

      Article 103281
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    3. Macrophages enhance mesenchymal stem cell osteogenesis via down-regulation of reactive oxygen species

      Article 103297
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    4. Impact of the retention system of implant fixed dental restorations on the peri-implant health, state of the prosthesis, and patients’ oral health-related quality of life

      Article 103298
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    5. Effect of smear layer deproteinization with chemo-mechanical caries removal agents on sealing performances of self-etch adhesives

      Article 103300
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    6. Comparative proteomic analysis on acquired enamel pellicle at two time points in caries-susceptible and caries-free subjects

      Article 103301
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    7. Re- and demineralization characteristics of dentin depending on fluoride application and baseline characteristics in situ

      Article 103305
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    8. Long-term tooth retention in periodontitis patients in four German university centres

      Article 103307
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    9. Effects of nano-zirconia fillers conditioned with phosphate ester monomers on the conversion and mechanical properties of Bis-GMA- and UDMA-based resin composites

      Article 103306
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    10. Liraglutide regulates bone destruction and exhibits anti-inflammatory effects in periodontitis in vitro and in vivo

      Article 103310
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ISSN: 0300-5712