Volume 146

March 2020

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  1. Editorial Board

    Article 104786
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  2. Enhanced hydrogenation of aromatic rings and hydrocracking of >CarO bridged bonds in the extraction residue from Piliqing subbituminous coal over a magnetic difunctional solid superbase

    Article 104695
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  3. Study on carbon nanotubes and activated carbon hybrids by pyrolysis of coal

    Article 104717
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  4. Silver nitrate in situ upgrades pyrolysis biofuels from brewer’s spent grain via biotemplating

    Article 104729
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  5. Catalytic pyrolysis of wasted fishing net over calcined scallop shells: Analytical Py-GC/MS study

    Article 104750
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  6. Production of an upgraded bio-oil with minimal water content by catalytic pyrolysis: Optimisation and comparison of CaO and MgO performances

    Article 104751
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  7. Catalytic cracking of polypropylene by using Fe-SBA-15 synthesized in an acid-free medium for production of light hydrocarbon oils

    Article 104755
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  8. Pyrolysis profile of a rectangular kiln – natural scientific investigation of a traditional charcoal production process

    Article 104757
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  9. The effect of moisture on hydrocarbon-based solvent liquefaction of pine, cellulose and lignin

    Article 104758
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  10. Characteristics of low temperature co-current oxidizing pyrolysis of Huadian oil shale

    Article 104759
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  11. Analytical fast pyrolysis of nitrogen-rich mosquito species via pyrolysis-FTIR and pyrolysis-GC/MS

    Article 104766
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  12. Experiments and modeling of octanoic acid pyrolysis in a plug flow reactor

    Article 104767
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  13. Improving the steam-cracking efficiency of naphtha feedstocks by mixed/separate processing

    Article 104768
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  14. Investigation of hot char catalytic role in the pyrolysis of waste tires in a two-step process

    Article 104770
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  15. Pyrolysis behavior of hydrochar from hydrothermal carbonization of pinewood sawdust

    Article 104771
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  16. Pyrolysis behavior of xylan-based hemicellulose in a fixed bed reactor

    Article 104772
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  17. Demonstration of catalytic properties of de-inking sludge char as a carbon based sacrificial catalyst

    Article 104773
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  18. Effects of added salts on sewage sludge char characteristics and heavy metal behaviors

    Article 104774
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  19. Effects of NaOH on the catalytic pyrolysis of lignin/HZSM-5 to prepare aromatic hydrocarbons

    Article 104775
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  20. Multi-objective optimization of the preparation parameters of the powdered activated coke for SO2 adsorption using response surface methodology

    Article 104776
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  21. Flash vacuum pyrolysis of acetylenic esters: A mechanistic study

    Article 104778
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  22. Low-pressure two-stage catalytic hydropyrolysis of lignin and lignin-derived phenolic monomers using zeolite-based bifunctional catalysts

    Article 104779
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  23. Thermogravimetric-mass spectrometric characterization of thermal decomposition of lignite with attention to the evolutions of small molecular weight oxygenates

    Article 104781
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ISSN: 0165-2370