Sports Endocrinology

Edited by Fabio Lanfranco
Volume 9,

Pages 1-102 (December 2019)

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    1. Editorial board page

      Page i
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    1. Editorial overview: Sports endocrinology

      Pages iv-vi
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  1. Sports Endocrinology, edited by Fabio Lanfranco

    1. Exercise and the growth hormone–insulin-like growth factor axis

      Pages 1-7
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    2. Growth hormone, growth hormone secretagogues, and insulin-like growth factor-1 in sports: prohibited status, therapeutic use exemptions, and analytical detectability

      Pages 8-13
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    3. Steroidal module of the Athlete Biological Passport

      Pages 14-21
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    4. Peptidic drugs and drug candidates in sports drug testing: agents affecting mitochondrial biogenesis or preventing activin receptor II activation

      Pages 22-27
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    5. Erythropoietin: novelties in antidoping research

      Pages 28-33
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    6. Hormones and sarcopenia

      Pages 34-39
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    7. Metabolic effect of breaks in sedentary time in subjects with type 2 diabetes

      Pages 40-44
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    8. The thyroid axis, prolactin, and exercise in humans

      Pages 45-50
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    9. Exercise-associated electrolyte disorders

      Pages 51-55
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    10. Endocrine and metabolic repercussions of relative energy deficiency in sport

      Pages 56-65
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    11. Dietary supplements and elite athletes: when nature becomes high risk

      Pages 66-73
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    12. Exercise and the hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal axis: a special focus on acute cortisol and growth hormone responses

      Pages 74-77
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    13. Hypothalamic–pituitary–gonadal axis in women's sport: injuries, manipulations, and aberrations

      Pages 78-85
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    14. Exercise, training, and the hypothalamic–pituitary–gonadal axis in men

      Pages 86-89
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    15. Effects of exercise on skeletal muscles and tendons

      Pages 90-95
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    16. Abuse of anabolic steroids: A dangerous indulgence

      Pages 96-101
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ISSN: 2451-9650