Volume 145

May 2020

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    1. Editorial Board

      Article 106935
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  1. Computational Statistics

    1. Robust Bayesian small area estimation based on quantile regression

      Article 106900
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    2. Specification tests in semiparametric transformation models — A multiplier bootstrap approach

      Article 106908
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    3. Adjacency-based regularization for partially ranked data with non-ignorable missing

      Article 106905
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    4. Active learning in multiple-class classification problems via individualized binary models

      Article 106911
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  2. Statistical Methodology for Data Analysis

    1. Estimation and inference for area-wise spatial income distributions from grouped data

      Article 106904
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    2. Smooth backfitting for errors-in-variables varying coefficient regression models

      Article 106909
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    3. Modelling multilevel data under complex sampling designs: An empirical likelihood approach

      Article 106906
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    4. Optimal spatial aggregation of space–time models and applications

      Article 106913
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    5. A new approach to varying-coefficient additive models with longitudinal covariates

      Article 106912
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    6. Logistic regression with missing covariates—Parameter estimation, model selection and prediction within a joint-modeling framework

      Article 106907
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    7. Bias reduction in the population size estimation of large data sets

      Article 106914
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    8. Weighted quantile regression in varying-coefficient model with longitudinal data

      Article 106915
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    9. Bayesian empirical likelihood for ridge and lasso regressions

      Article 106917
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    10. Vertex nomination: The canonical sampling and the extended spectral nomination schemes

      Article 106916
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  3. Special Applications

    1. Modeling rate of adaptive trait evolution using Cox–Ingersoll–Ross process: An Approximate Bayesian Computation approach

      Article 106924
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ISSN: 0167-9473