Volume 20, Issue 1

Pages 1-94 (March 2020)

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  1. Simulations of US-Iran war and its impact on global oil price behavior

    Pages 1-12
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  2. Predicting IPO initial returns using random forest

    Pages 13-23
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  3. Financial structure and economic growth nexus revisited

    Pages 24-36
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  4. The importance of trust distance on stock market correlation: Evidence from emerging economics

    Pages 37-47
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  5. Performance analysis of Islamic and conventional portfolios: The emerging markets case

    Pages 48-54
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  6. The day of the week effect and interest rates

    Pages 55-63
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  7. The portfolios with strong brand value: More returns? Lower risk?

    Pages 64-79
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  8. Economic development, financial development, and income inequality nexus

    Pages 80-93
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ISSN: 2214-8450